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Project Installation Process-

  • Requirements and process before installation: -
    • First, you have to install PHP, Apache/Nginx and MySQL in your system.
    • Open Apache/Nginx, PHP and MySQL, Ready for project installation.
  • Extract files and folders from the .zip file you received and place them inside your project directory.
  • Open root URL, it will redirect you to the project installation page where it requires your Database details.
    First of all, you need to create a Database and enter that Database name in the database field, followed by your MySQL username, password and host.Funnel website templates
  • After Database setup it will redirect you to the Admin details page. Here you need to fill your admin details, these details are used for the admin panel login.Funnel website templates
  • When you come to the Login page, it will require your purchase code. You have to fill in the purchase code and you can use complete functionality.Funnel website templates
  • It is done now, you just need to enter your email and password to login and you can use it.

Admin Panel description -

  • First of all, you have to login using your email and password Funnel website templates
  • Dashboard page - This page will have the details of your leads and orders.
  • Orders page - This page has complete details of your orders.
  • Products page - In this page you can create your product, which you want to sell.
  • Pages → FAQs - Here you can create your FAQs which will be showing on your themepages.
  • Pages → Testimonials - Here you can create your testimonials which will also show on theme pages.
  • Pages → Speakers - Here you can add speakers details which will also show on theme pages.
  • Pages → Success-Story - Here you can create success-stories for your pages.
  • Forms → Forms - This page already has two forms one is sign-up-form and other one is order-form. Sign-up-form is used to get leads on the index page and order form is used in the Order page. These forms are created using form-builder so you can create your own forms as well and you just need to put short-code in your page.
  • Forms → Form Submissions - Here we are showing leads we are getting from the Sign-up-form.
  • Themes - In this page you can change your theme, you can activate one theme at a time. Theme -1 is activated by default.
  • Page Builder Pages - In this page, you have your theme pages, you can customize your theme according to your requirement. When you edit a page, you have two options - update and Open in page Builder. If you want to change page basic details like name, slug, theme or favicon you have to click update and if you just want to open a page in Page-builder, you have to click the Open in Page Builder button. It will open that page in Page-builder, where you can edit your content. Funnel website templates
  • Admin profile page - you can change admin name, profile picture and password here.
  • Here is some page-builder explanation - Funnel website templates